Child murdered and family abducted by Houthi militias in Taiz

The child was shot and killed by members of the Houthi militia in the Al-Silw district of Taiz province, southwest of Yemen, in the latest crimes committed by the militia against childhood.

Local sources said Houthi gunmen shot and killed the child Hamad Amin Abdo Muhammad Kuh (10 years old) in the city of Jaishan in Al-Silv district, south of Taiz.

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She explained that the militias intercepted Hamad’s child after he left the house to herd sheep and fired bullets into his head at close range, causing an explosion in the back of the head, and he died on the spot.

In turn, the human rights organization “Rights Radar” on Sunday condemned the “execution” of Houthi children. And she confirmed in a tweet posted on her Twitter account, “the execution of Hamad Amin’s child Abdo Muhammad Kouhi (10 years old) by Houthi militants.”

The organization said the child was killed “while grazing sheep in the Al-Mashjab district of Al-Silv district in Taiz province.”

Meanwhile, Houthi militias stole the child victim’s body, along with members of his family, and transported them to a secret prison in the Al-Hauban district, according to information published by local news site Yemen News.

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