Deputy State Director of Trump’s Campaign in New Hampshire Tells Police to Kill Themselves in Expletive-Ridden Video near U.S. Capitol

The No. 2 Official in New Hampshire on Trump’s Campaign Tells Police to Kill Themselves in Capitol Video


A recording posted by the “Sedition Hunters,” a group of online sleuths, reveals that the deputy state director of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire, Dylan Quattrucci, verbally attacked police officers in a video recorded near the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The Expletive-Ridden Video

In the video, Quattrucci can be heard saying, “If you are a police officer and are going to abide by unconstitutional bulls—, I want you to do me a favor right now and go hang yourself because you’re a piece of s—. Go f— yourself.”

Tragic Consequences

Following the riot on January 6, four officers who responded to the scene later died by suicide. The Justice Department has recently determined that one of the officers, Jeffrey Smith, died in the line of duty, making his widow eligible for survivor benefits.

Confirmation and Background

Two sources familiar with Quattrucci have confirmed his identity in the video. Although the video shows him with the Capitol in the background, there is no evidence to suggest that he entered the building.

Trump’s Stance on Law Enforcement

Despite his supporters’ attack on police after the 2020 election, Trump has consistently portrayed himself as a defender of law enforcement. He has even referred to the mob at the Capitol as patriots and expressed his intention to pardon many of those convicted of crimes related to the riot.

Quattrucci’s Current Status

Quattrucci did not respond to requests for comment, and it is unclear whether he still works for the Trump campaign. The campaign’s spokesman also declined to provide a comment on the video.

Quattrucci’s Remarks in a Separate Video

In another video on YouTube, Quattrucci expresses excitement about members of Congress being locked down during the riot, saying, “This is nuts, this is history, this is America, we love our president, let’s gooooo!”

Quattrucci’s Background and Employment

Quattrucci previously worked as an aide on the unsuccessful 2022 congressional campaign of Karoline Leavitt, who now works for a Trump-aligned political action committee. Leavitt did not respond to requests for an interview about Quattrucci.

Trump’s Strong Lead in New Hampshire’s Delegates Race

Polls indicate that Trump is far ahead in the race for New Hampshire’s delegates to the Republican National Convention, as he is across the country.

No Response from Quattrucci and the Trump Campaign

Quattrucci did not respond to a phone call and a text message seeking comment. The Trump campaign’s spokesman also did not provide any comments regarding the video or Quattrucci’s current employment status.

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