HIMARS: First American Rocket Launchers Delivered to Poland

Today, on Monday, the Polish army received the first launchers of the American HIMARS missile system (HIMARS), and Polish television broadcast the arrival ceremony of a transport aircraft at the military airfield in Warsaw.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said during the ceremony: “Today we receive the first HIMARS systems in the Polish army.”

He explained that the first batch of HIMARS systems will be delivered to the 1st Artillery Brigade of the 16th Mechanized Division, stationed in the northeast of the country.

The minister said: “His task will be to deter the aggressor on NATO’s eastern wing.”

In 2019, Poland purchased 20 HIMARS systems with 18 launchers and two training platforms worth $414 million.

In February last year, Poland expressed a desire to purchase another 500 systems of this type.

Source: agencies

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