Introducing the Egyptian Baladi Breed’s First Hen and Rooster, Tanta 1 – Captured in Photos

Dr. Muhammad Al-Shafei, director of the Institute of Animal Husbandry at the Center for Agricultural Research under the Ministry of Agriculture, revealed the details of the production of the first Egyptian municipal breeds of chickens and roosters.

Al-Shafei confirmed to Cairo on 24 that my poultry was bred for the first time in Egypt, explaining that the breed includes chickens and roosters.

He added that work to obtain the strain began in 2015 so far at the Gemmayze research station.

He explained that the identified strains are fattening meat strains because the Tanta strain was developed at the Agricultural Research Center of the Animal Research Institute in 2023, and it is a fattening meat production strain.

Cairo 24 received the first photographs of the first Egyptian rooster and hen, which bear the name “Tanta 1”.

Source: Cairo 24

Brice Foster
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