Justin Sun Sends $4.3 Million Worth of MKR Tokens to Binance

Justin Sun, Eltron network Founder and Crypto Investor, made transformation of MakerDAO Maker Tokens (MKR) worth $4.3 million to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

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Recent blockchain data analyzed by Arkham Intelligence revealed that the wallet is linked with Justin Sun, Founder of You see networkinitiated a transaction involving 6,802 MKR tokens (at price of $633.96, the tokens would be $4.3 million).

Tokens from the aforementioned wallet have been sent to the Binance account, with Transaction passing through an intermediary wallet in the operation.

Maker (MKR) serves as governance token for MakerDAO and the Maker Protocol, two interrelated entities operating on blockchain Ethereum.

the beginning of MKR dates back until 2015, with release occurs in December 2017 project whose primary goal is to simplify the process of DAI, which stands for Managed Community File digital Currency, offering a weak peg to the United States dollar.

MKR token spot market It is still characterized by low fluidity and thinness trading volumes, indicating that large sell orders have the potential to exert influence on the token’s price.

the current price of Maker (MKR) remains Priced at $633.96 USD, with 24 hours a day trading amount for MKR at $11,761,744.

the beginning of game over

This was the transfer made middle of a continuous process of MakerDAO management structure restructuring, otherwise known as Endgame.

Led by Ron Christensen, Protocol’s founder, reform is required division of Decentralized autonomy organization (DAO) into smaller, self-governing entities referred to as subsidiary organizations.

The initiative also Includes introduction of and upgraded versions new Names for DAI stablecoin and referee MKR tokenas well as a shift towards investing a larger part of reserves in real-world assets.

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