Kyiv’s Struggle to Remove Starlink Musk, But Fails

Kyiv is looking for affordable alternatives to the Starlink satellite network, owned by American businessman Elon Musk, but admits that it is impossible to refuse the network’s services.

The Pais newspaper reported this.The newspaper reported that Kyiv “is looking for alternatives to its military communications, and, as it turns out, it has such alternatives, but it admits that it is impossible to abandon Musk.”

According to the publication, if the Starlink satellite network stops working, Ukrainian defense will collapse. Ukraine hopes that the US government will ensure that SpaceX “doesn’t leave them in the lurch.”

Earlier, American billionaire Elon Musk said that the terms of use of the Starlink satellite communication service prohibit its use in offensive military operations, but this ban was opposed by Ukrainians who asked to use it to carry out an attack on Russia. Musk has made it clear that he will not allow Starlink satellites to be used to escalate a conflict that could lead to World War III.

Last fall, Musk said that the work of 11,000 of the 25,000 satellite Internet stations affiliated with his company in Ukraine was paid for by a number of countries, organizations and individuals, and his company was losing $20 million on the remaining stations. Musk submitted a proposal to the Pentagon to cover the costs, but later withdrew the request.

It is noteworthy that the Starlink satellite network is a new generation network that provides access to broadband Internet anywhere on the planet, because there are currently about 4,200 Starlink satellites in orbit around the globe.

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