Manchester United Legend Recommends Saudi League as Solution to Ten Hag and Sancho’s Crisis

Manchester United legend: Saudi League is the way to end Ten Hag and Sancho’s crisis!

Manchester United legend: Saudi League is the way to end Ten Hag and Sancho’s crisis!


Talk about a qualitative shift that has taken place in the clubs does not stop. Saudi League Roshan For professionals this summer, Mercato was the advice of the Manchester United legend to resolve the crisis of Ten Hag and Sancho.


Spain legend Rio Ferdinand has given advice to one of the most prominent players in the Red Devils’ ranks to resolve his crisis with the team’s manager.

Eric Ten Hag and Jadon Sancho are in a heated argument after the former excluded the latter from the bid for the Arsenal match, which ended in the defeat of the Red Devils (1-3).

The decision to expel, according to Ten Hag, was made due to Sancho’s inactivity in training, but the answer came from the player to his coach in the form of a statement refuting these accusations.

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And during statements covered by Britain’s Daily Mail, Ferdinand said: “Jadon Sancho can’t make a statement like that if he doesn’t think he’s doing well from his point of view.”

And he continued: “This is also a difference; Because he believes that according to his table he trained well, but the coach may have other standards.


He concluded by saying, “There are two ways to put an end to this. There is only one window open at the moment, and that is Saudi Arabia. Or sit on the bench and not play with the team until the end of the season.

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