Microsoft’s Edge Browser to Integrate Non-Custodial Ethereum Wallet Feature

Microsoft, which has invested billions recently in OpenAI is developing a noncustodial Ethereum wallet built into Edge, its chrome-based browser.

Microsoft to include a cryptocurrency wallet in edge

in a tweet on March 17, Albacore, Investigator who selected out this featureHe said he was confused and thought about a crypto wallet on The edge is questionable.

Portfolio currently and is being tested remains Confidential because Microsoft collects feedback. As such, it is unclear when technology The giant will roll over out The crypto wallet for the masses.

However, what is clear is that Microsoft is keen on this on Explore the encryption path. By developing a file in-built crypto wallet compatible with Ethereum and, by extension, other ethereums virtual machine (EVM) blockchain, users will have a medium through which they can quickly store they digital assetsincluding coins like ETH or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Cryptocurrency wallets critical in Blockchain and act as gateways for users to interact with Basic ledgers. The cryptocurrency wallet contains a file private key and a public key. the public key It is an address from which the user can receive assets.

Meanwhile, while transmitting assets or agree to a transaction, they require a private keya series of word phrases prove their ownership.

Microsoft plans To launch a “hot” wallet, connected to the Internet, where users will have full controls of They are assets and like Coinbase or MetaMask wallet.

wallet in the test phase

In the setup process, Microsoft said that a non-clip wallet will be included in Microsoft Edge and users won’t need it install any extension. However, being in the test phaseMicrosoft said it would not be responsible should no loss of Money is incurred.

“This is a non-custodial portfolio, which means you are in complete controls of your money back. We will not have access to your password and recovery key. It’s embedded in edge, making it easy use Without installing any extension. As a tester, you will use your own money. In the event of Loss of funds, Microsoft will not compensate for any loss. This is confidential project; Without details should It is shared externally.

In late February 2023, Microsoft entered into a partnership with deny to support companies and companies that need to access Blockchain data through a reliable node hosting service provider.

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