Netanyahu’s Facebook page vandalized with Arabic Islamic prayers by hackers

Hackers hacked into the Facebook account of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and published Islamic prayers in Arabic.

According to the Ynet website, this required the intervention of the Shin Bet to promptly launch an investigation into Facebook’s investigation.

According to an official statement, Muslim hackers hacked into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal Facebook account and posted a video of excerpts of prayers in Arabic.

The video, which shows a picture of a mosque and the muezzin’s voice, was uploaded using a feature in which a Facebook page interacts with another page, but the hackers never took control of Netanyahu’s page.

Recent days have seen a feverish race of attempts to infiltrate Israeli sites, most notably the Mossad website, the post office and the port of Haifa, in addition to attacks on the websites of universities and colleges, most recently the Atid website. where they published the personal data of thousands of Israelis.

A file containing 200,000 entries was also released, including names, IDs and addresses, as well as hundreds of photographs of IDs and other personal documents.

The Atid group stated: “Elements from hostile countries have attempted to carry out strategic attacks on Israel’s leading educational institutions. We repelled the attempt and, to our knowledge, little information has leaked out. We are in constant contact with the national cyber system and will act on this basis.”

Source: i24 news”

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