New Embassy Inaugurated in Jerusalem by Fifth Foreign Country

Papua Guinean Prime Minister James Marabe opened his country’s embassy in Jerusalem today, Wednesday, in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a statement, Netanyahu said: “Our values ​​were formed here. This is where our prophets foretold. Many of the eternal values ​​that we cherish were created and promoted here. First they were distributed among the people of Israel, and then among all.” humanity.”

“Therefore, I consider it expedient that a country and people deeply committed to these values ​​do exactly what you did, that is, open an embassy in Jerusalem. Papua New Guinea is the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to do so. We are very proud of this and appreciate it very much,” he added.

He continued: “Papua New Guinea is a big country with big opportunities. The fact that you have an embassy here will allow us to realize all this potential in agriculture, water resources, technology, healthcare and entrepreneurship.”

Papua New Guinea is the fifth foreign country to open an embassy in Jerusalem. And earlier last month, Paraguay announced that it would reopen its embassy in Jerusalem 5 years after it was transferred to Tel Aviv by order of then-president Horacio Cartes, 4 months after the decision of his successor in office, Abdo Benítez.

Most of the countries with an official diplomatic presence in Israel have their embassies in Tel Aviv, but currently only the embassies of the United States, Kosovo, Guatemala and Honduras are located in Jerusalem.

And tensions over the reality of Jerusalem began to escalate after U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the United States officially recognized it as Israel’s capital and ordered that his country’s embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to the Holy City, a move that violates all United Nations resolutions. regarding the legal status of Jerusalem.

Source: RT

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