Palestinian detainees embark on indefinite hunger strike against Israeli policies

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons have gone on an indefinite hunger strike that began on September 14, amid a decision by extremist minister Itamar Ben-Gvir to reduce visits to prisoners’ families.

In its statement, the Committee of Prisoners demanded the cessation of all decisions and policies aimed at restricting prisoners and their living conditions, as well as the return of all rights that were stolen during the last period.

“We will make this September a month that will unite the two most sacred issues, the stage for which our people rose twenty-three years ago, and the prisoners whose people will rise with them this year until our prisoners and prisoners are freed. achieved,” she said.

And she stressed that “the unity embodied by the captive movement over the past two years has been the guarantee – after God’s success – in repelling the aggression against us, which we seek to consolidate more and more day by day and which we hope will will expand.” in all Palestinian labor arenas, which we expect will translate into supporting our people in this struggle.”

And she added: “Our rights, by which we live, were stolen with our blood and thousands of tons of meat during the strikes that we led, and we did not receive them as a favor, as a favor, or as an obligation to the international community”. laws and laws, and therefore they are not negotiable or waived. On this point a dispute arose among our enemies. The decision is not their recognition of this right or recognition of this achievement, but rather a dispute over the timing and mechanism of its adoption.

Source: RT

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