Portugal’s Luis Castro Claims Deserved Win After Meeting with Al Nasr Team

Saudi Al-Nasr coach makes disturbing claims

Portugal’s Luis Castro, manager of Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr, made an exciting comment after meeting with his team on Tuesday evening.

Al-Alami met his youth colleague in the fourth round of the Saudi League Roshen and won by four goals and a draw.

Al Nasr’s balance climbed to 6 points in the middle of the Saudi League standings, while Al Shabab froze in fifteenth position in the standings with two points.

On the territory of Al Awwal Park, the stronghold of the national team, the hosts of the house defeated the guests, scoring the first goal thanks to a penalty, which Ronaldo converted in the 13th minute.

Then Asfar Al-Riyadh converted the second penalty, which the Portuguese Don managed to score against the youth team, in the 37th minute of the match.

And the Senegalese star Sadio Mane scored the third goal in favor of the Nasraoui team in the away goal in the 40th minute of the match after a great reception from the Don.

In the 80th minute of the match, Sultan Al-Ghanam managed to score the fourth goal of An-Nasr Al-Saudi against Al-Shabab, so the events of the match ended with such a result.

Saudi Al-Nasr coach makes disturbing claims

Castro spoke at a press conference after the match, stating “The win is 100% deserved, we controlled the entire match.”

He continued, “Delaying change? There are things you can work on during this time; So we don’t make early changes until players become more compatible.”

He added, “My main goal is to bring happiness to everyone and I’m excited to work with this global group.”

And he continued: “Cristiano gave Gharib a penalty today and I was happy about it, and it shows the spirit of the group.”

And he continued: “In the first round, the opponent scored from 17 touches. Now, after the fifth or sixth touch, we cut off the ball.”

Castro stressed: “I don’t care who plays for the national team or for anyone else. I am concerned about the performance of the player in training.

And he continued: “There are misconceptions, for example, if the team is late, you put in an attacker, or if you advance, then you put in a defender, or if you have a national team player who has to play, the ball is not like that.” “.

And he added: “I arrived in Saudi Arabia before Mancini, so I salute him and hope that he will succeed in his work and make the Saudis happy.”

Emphasized the technical director of the team GlobalWe ask those who organize matches to respect us and know that we are people and not machines.

And he stated: “Some wonder why Conan doesn’t have the same offensive efficiency as Al-Ghanam, because he stays behind and is a trio with two defense hearts. Conan is different in terms of defense, while Alex is strong in attack and with help set the balls and in the coming days we will decide who will remain the best for the An-Nasr club.

He explained: “Abdullah al-Omari is excluded by my personal decision, and when he is ready, I will return him. The taliska remains, and I make decisions, and Muhammad Maran has a great future.”

He condemned: “Why did the referee cancel Cristiano’s goal today? In the match in Saudi Arabia, I saw a similar situation, and the push was stronger than we saw today, but the referee allowed the goal.. I won’t mention the match, but you all watched it.

The Saudi Al-Nasr coach concluded: “I am very pleased with the current group that is present now and if there is a need for the interest of the club, we will do it.”

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