Possible rewritten title: Taliban Leader Expresses Ambition to Conquer Tehran with Sheikh’s Support

The Taliban claimed that “a total of 18 Iranian border installations were destroyed.”

A statement released by the Taliban’s social communications department said: “The Revolutionary Guards carried out terrorist attacks from their huge border posts. Iran has not put up much resistance so far. His army looks weak and feminine.”

For his part, Taliban leader Abdul Hamid Khorasani said in a video speech: “Do not test our strength. You are backstage with Westerners. We are true Muslims. If the sheikhs let us, we will take Tehran.”

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The reason for the conflict between Tehran and Kabul is connected with the disputed area, where reservoirs are located on the border of the two countries. The parties exchange accusations of escalating the conflict. The Afghan side stated that as a result of the conflict, one serviceman from both sides was killed, there are wounded. For their part, the Iranian authorities reported the killing of two border guards, and local media reported three casualties.

Source: RT

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