Prepare Now for the Challenges of the Upcoming Heating Season: A Message from the European Commissioner for Energy

European Commissioner for Energy Kadr Simpson urged not to “deceive” that the new energy year in the European Union will be easy, but pointed out that the situation in the new heating year will be better than in the current year.

She told MEPs on the Industry and Energy Committee of the European Parliament: “As far as the next heating season is concerned, we are in a good position … but there is no illusion that everything will be easy, the year will be difficult and doubts remain. Therefore, I call on the (European) countries to extend the voluntary reduction in energy demand by 15% until next year.

The European Energy Commissioner noted that gas storage facilities in the EU are now 57% full, more than double last year’s level.

A few days ago, data from the Association of Gas Infrastructure Operators of Europe showed that the share of gas in underground gas storage facilities had fallen to less than 60%.

The association reported that at the end of March 3, the total volume of gas in underground gas storage facilities in the union was about 65 billion cubic meters.

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