President Joe Biden’s Age and Handling of the Economy: Weaknesses Revealed in New Poll

President Joe Biden’s Age and Economy Handling Pose Challenges for Possible Rematch with Donald Trump

A new poll revealed that President Joe Biden’s age and his handling of the economy are two significant vulnerabilities as he prepares for a potential rematch with former President Donald Trump. The poll, conducted by the Wall Street Journal, surveyed 1,500 registered voters between August 24th and August 30th.

Concerns Surrounding Biden’s Job Approval and Mental Fitness

The survey indicated that these concerns may be contributing to Biden’s overall job approval rating of 42%, with 57% of respondents expressing disapproval. A majority of registered voters, 60%, also stated that they do not believe Biden is mentally fit to be president. Moreover, a significant 73% of respondents believe that Biden is too old to run for president, a much higher percentage than those who expressed the same sentiment about Trump.

Public Dissatisfaction with Biden’s Economic Policies

The majority of registered voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy (59%), inflation (63%), and the growth of the middle class (58%), according to the poll. The administration’s efforts to create jobs received split opinions from respondents, highlighting its importance as the nation recovers from the effects of the pandemic.

Low Approval Ratings on Foreign Policy and Economic Outlook

Biden also received negative approval ratings on his handling of the war in Ukraine and U.S. dealings with China. The poll suggests that Biden has not succeeded in reversing the widespread pessimism surrounding the economy, despite attempts to highlight positive developments attributed to his economic policies.

The Public’s View on Direction and Perception of the Economy

The survey revealed that although the economy was a top concern for the 2024 presidential election according to 24% of voters, the majority expressed a negative outlook on the country’s direction. 63% of registered voters viewed the strength of the U.S. economy negatively, with 58% stating that it has worsened over the past two years.

Pain Points: Inflation and Cost of Living

Inflation emerged as a major concern, with 74% of respondents stating that it has moved in the wrong direction over the past year. Additionally, a significant 86% of voters believed that the cost of housing has increased negatively, while 54% reported a worsening of their personal financial situation.

Divided Opinion on Job Market and Presidential Candidates

Voters held differing views on the job market, with 45% stating it has improved and 44% saying it has worsened in the past year. In terms of the 2024 election, both Trump and Biden received equal support at 46%. The poll also revealed that both candidates had unfavorable ratings from 58% of respondents, with only 39% expressing a favorable opinion of either candidate.

Alternative Republican Candidates and Their Popularity

Among Republican primary voters, Trump held a significant lead over his biggest challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While 59% of GOP voters would choose Trump, only 13% expressed support for DeSantis. However, DeSantis emerged as the second choice for 35% of Republican voters, followed by Vivek Ramaswamy and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

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