SAG-AFTRA and WGA Pause Streaming, Television, and Films, Potential Strike Looms for Game Actors

SAG-AFTRA and WGA Put Streaming, Television, and Films on Pause

SAG-AFTRA and WGA have temporarily halted the production of streaming, television, and film projects, and now there’s a possibility that actors working in the gaming industry might go on strike as well.

Voice actors in games have often been overlooked in terms of fair treatment. If companies like Activision, EA, Epic Games, Insomniac Games, Take-Two, and WB fail to address this issue properly, multiple game releases could be delayed due to a potential strike.

The Status of Actors in Games

Actors in the gaming industry are still part of SAG-AFTRA, but they fall under a contract known as the Interactive Media Agreement (IMA). Last year, the previous agreement expired, and SAG-AFTRA and publishers agreed on a one-year extension before renegotiating the contract.

Potential Strike Authorization Vote

An authorization vote for a potential strike will be held among eligible SAG-AFTRA members under the IMA. This vote will determine whether SAG-AFTRA will engage in negotiations with the power to call for a strike if the demands of game publishers and developers are not met.

The voting period will last until September 25, 2023, and two information meetings will be held on September 7, 2023, and September 12, 2023.

SAG-AFTRA plans to send a strike authorization vote for the video game industry after they failed to meet the needs of video game actors.

Companies facing a possible strike include Activision, EA, Epic Games, Insomniac Games, Take 2 and WB.

Hopes for Fair Negotiations

The hope is that negotiations starting on September 26, 2023, will result in a fair deal for the actors who bring our favorite characters and games to life. Even if the vote favors strike authorization, the goal is to avoid the need to play that card at the bargaining table.

Source – SAG-AFTRA

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