The Untold Story of Speed: Joss Whedon’s Behind-The-Scenes Account of an Iconic Film

Speed: An Iconic Film

Amidst the ongoing writers’ strike in Hollywood, Joss Whedon (known for The Avengers) has provided a captivating behind-the-scenes account of the film Speed. In this thrilling feature, Jack Traven, a SWAT officer, becomes embroiled in an incredibly intense road adventure. Howard Payne, a disturbed terrorist, plants a bomb on a city bus in Los Angeles, and it must maintain a specific speed limit (50 miles per hour or approximately 80 kilometers per hour) to prevent it from exploding. Guided by a relentless rhythm for nearly two hours, Speed captivates its audience with its fast-paced action! However, were you aware that the project initially faced a completely different fate?

A Savior for the Script

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