Truce Breached as Sudanese Army’s Rapid Support Columns Advance towards Khartoum

The Sudanese army announced the destruction of rapid support convoys in the south of the Al-Zariba and Al-Muwaileh districts at dawn today, Sunday, indicating that they continue to create the proper conditions for the police to gradually take to the streets.

In a statement, he said that he continues to monitor the movement of mobile columns of the Rapid Support Forces from the west to the capital Khartoum, which confirms the continued violation of the declared truce by the enemy, since these columns were destroyed at dawn today in areas south of Al-Zariba and Al-Muwaile , and a convoy was destroyed in the Fatash area, which was in the process of sending mobile insurgent forces to Export Street.

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He added that the rebels turned the East Nile Hospital into a heavily armed military barracks and command post for operations, and continued hostilities after evacuating patients, including in critical cases, to intensive care.

He also stressed the continued indiscriminate bombing of the country and the looting of property, including banks and citizens’ homes.

In a statement, the army pointed to the continued evacuation of state citizens from the Wadi Sayedna base, which is not currently facing any threats and is not expected to be affected by any threats, highlighting continued surveillance of insurgent movements every inch. countries and resist them by force and hinder them.

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