Uncovering the Eerie Trick Samsung Phones Use to Capture Pictures of the Moon

Samsung advertised the Galaxy S23 Ultra as being able to photograph the moon in high definition thanks to its “improved zoom” capability, but that ability appears to be deceptive marketing, according to what Apple Insider quoted from a Reddit investigation.

The report added that Samsung used artificial intelligence technology to enhance the detail, clarity, and accuracy of images of the moon so that they look like they were taken with a high-resolution telescope rather than a mobile phone.

In the experiment, ibreakphotos researcher downloaded an image of the moon from the Internet, blurred its features, and then took a picture of it with his Samsung mobile phone. That is, the user deceived the phone by taking a picture of the computer screen instead of the moon.

Because the phone didn’t detect a difference, the AI ​​created a clear picture of what it thought was the real moon.

Samsung promotes its Galaxy S23 Ultra mobile phone as the phone with the most powerful zoom feature in the world of mobile phones, which is more than 100 times the actual image proximity.

While the phone, like the videos shot with it, does have amazing zooming ability, images of the moon are actually AI-enhanced images.

Brice Foster
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