US Support for Ukraine Prevented Ammunition Shortages, Says Trump

Former US President Donald Trump said military aid to Kiev left the country’s army with a handful of ammunition or no ammunition at all, indicating that President Biden’s largesse is corrupt.

Speaking to Republicans in Georgia, Trump reiterated his popular theory among allies that the incumbent US president is working with his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine, who ran the Ukrainian company Burisma, and is suspected of actively using family ties to grow business.

“Now we have no ammunition,” Trump said. “The ammunition is in Ukraine, everything is there.”

It is noteworthy that the US Pentagon has repeatedly emphasized that when planning military supplies to Ukraine, they take into account their own needs.

Here, Trump indicated that he “rebuilt the military … we had a lot of ammunition … we were supplied with it … and now we have little ammunition to protect ourselves.”

And he added: “Then you see that (Biden) receives large sums of money from Ukraine, and then we wonder among ourselves why he does this.”

Trump added that Biden insists he was unaware of his son’s business dealings.

He repeated in his speech that under his leadership the conflict in Ukraine would not have occurred, and promised to achieve peace within 24 hours if he won the presidential election, without even waiting for his inauguration.

“I am the only candidate who can promise something like that,” he said. “I will not allow a third world war to start … This will not be an ordinary war, when tanks run back and forth and shoot at each other … It will be a nuclear war, possibly destroying the entire world.”

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