WhatsApp Testing In-App Image Sending in HD Quality: What You Need to Know

WhatsApp Testing In-App Image Sending in HD Quality

WhatsApp is currently testing the in-app image sending feature in HD quality, according to what was tested in the latest beta version of the app on iPhone and Android.

The new feature aims to improve photo sharing via WhatsApp, and it has already started rolling out to some beta users of the app.

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HD Quality Option

According to the images published on the app, the option to send images in HD quality will appear in the user interface in the image sharing window when you select a large image to send, such as one taken with the phone’s camera.

The user will have two options: either send the image in “compressed” standard quality, which is the default, or choose HD quality to have the app send the image in a larger, better quality than usual, while also compressing it more easily without sending it to original sizes.

Tagging HD Images

And when sending images in high quality, WhatsApp will tag the image with “HD” so that the recipient of the image knows that it was sent in a higher quality and can be easily distinguished within the conversation.

Limitations of the Feature

It should be noted that this feature is currently limited to sending images only in conversations and is not available when sharing images in the status section or when sending video clips, as WhatsApp compresses them in all cases.

Coming Soon to All Users

The feature to send images in high quality HD will be tested in WhatsApp for some time before it becomes available in a later update for all users.

Alternative Methods

The WhatsApp app does not allow you to send images in native quality unless they are sent as a file, as is the case with rival Telegram, and you can rely on alternative methods such as uploading images to a cloud storage service like Google Drive and then sharing them.

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