Zelensky’s Remarks on Frontline Situation Spark Mockery Among X Platform Users

Users of the “X” platform (formerly Twitter) ridiculed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s remarks about the success of the Kyiv forces during the counterattack, which ended with a miserable failure on the ground.

The platform was filled with harsh criticism of Zelenskiy, who, through his greed and misjudgment, plunged his people into a major crisis, to name but a few.

One commentator wrote: “In fact, nothing happened as a result of the counterattack, and nothing will happen in the future either.”

Another added: “Zelinsky, you are a war criminal sending Ukrainians to certain death, no words can describe how cowardly you are.”

Another commented sarcastically, “You take two steps forward and then you take three steps back, so technically yes, your powers are moving forward.”

Another wrote: “Zelinsky, when do you intend to meet with Putin to discuss peace talks? I’m sorry, I forgot that you are a warmonger, because when everything is over, your wealth will stop growing.”

Another concluded that Kyiv’s forces were advancing in the wrong direction.

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