ZkSync overtakes Polygon in terms of total value locked.

Ethereum (ETH) developer The platform known as zkSync Ecosystem has been greatly expanded over the last Few weeks, bypassing the polygon in total The value is locked.

This expansion was especially noticeable after debut of Scales the second layer of zkSync protocol known as Era on March 24th. When contrasting zkSync with The Polygon blockchain platform, which recently debuted its EVM counterpart zkEVM, is likewise possible to deduce that former He was more successful in terms of TVL from the latter.

encryption market Al-Masari’s intelligence company tweeted on its 313k account followers about outstanding success of zkSync ecosystem”in few weeks since launch of zkSync era. “

Al-Masari pointed out, “In the end of Q1, zkSync was nearly $200 million in TVL across its ecosystem while Polygon’s zkEVM has seen little adoption in comparison.” He explained on This statement by providing more clarification.

The most important distinction between the two series is that zkSync Era is an EVM compatiblewhile Polygon zkEVM is equivalent to EVM.

While zkSync’s TVL saw great importance growth Since the introduction of era and reached $200 million, Polygon’s TVL remained relatively unchanged at an A.I pace of About $2.2 million.

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