29-Year Wait for Justice: International Search for Perpetrators of 2000 Massacre

29 years ago, the most wanted man in one of the most brutal massacres in the world, hiding from prying eyes, hid on a farm, where he began a good life away from the thousands of victims who died at his hands.

This is what happened to Fulgens Kaishima, one of the most wanted men during the Rwandan genocide.

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The man, known as Donatien Nibasumba, who claimed to be a refugee from Burundi, was working as a security guard at a farm in a town outside Cape Town on Wednesday evening when he suddenly found himself surrounded by police officers in bulletproof vests and armed with guns.

Two foreigners (Kevin Hughes and Ewan Brown), who arrived with the police, who are members of an international investigation team pursuing war criminals, approached him and began to recite his rights, but his name was not Nibasumba, but by his name, his real name is Fulgens Kayishema, the name one of the most wanted officers in the world. A former Rwandan policeman has been accused of involvement in one of the worst crimes, namely the 100-day genocide in Rwanda, where more than 2,000 Tutsis who took refuge in a church in April 1994 to hide from Hutu attackers were doomed to death.

The attackers set fire to the church, killing them, and then bulldozed the structure on their heads.

Great worker

However, the fugitive and shocked criminal at first denied, confirming that he was Donatian, that same simple and beloved worker in the town of Paarl, South Africa, especially since he had previously saved a woman from the country’s population from the attack she was subjected to. at the hands of some criminals, winning universal sympathy.

He also denied that he could speak English, but refused when Hughes and Brown pointed out that they could easily bring someone from the farm to prove he was fluent in English. Then he imposed the matter of reality.

I’ve been waiting for so long

However, he insisted that he was not Kaishima and did not acknowledge his true identity until evening at the Cape Town police station. β€œI waited a long time to be arrested,” he told police, according to the Guardian newspaper.

One of the high-ranking participants in his detention stated: “I think he was traumatized by what happened that day, at that time and place … He did not imagine that something like this could happen.”

β€œHe was stunned just to find himself in this situation, in his workplace, suddenly surrounded by police,” he added.

Notably, the International Residual Mechanism for the United Nations Criminal Tribunal for the Rwandan Genocide announced yesterday, Thursday, that Folgens was arrested on Wednesday in Paarl, a small town about 30 miles east of Cape Town. She added that he had been arrested as part of a joint operation by the Judicial Crime Squad and the South African authorities. She also explained that he allegedly organized the murder of more than 2,000 ethnic Tutsi refugees – men, women and children – in the Catholic Church during the genocide.

Over 800,000 people were killed in the Rwandan genocide during three months of 1994, when ethnic Hutu groups attacked and killed the Tutsi minority, as well as moderate Hutus who tried to protect them.

Then, in 2001, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda charged Kaishima with genocide, complicity in genocide and conspiracy to commit genocide and crimes against humanity, murder and other crimes.

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