Bitcoin rebounds to $27k as accumulation transforms into distribution

Bitcoin is back at $27,000 after a rally recording of approximately 2% within 24 hours run. Trading at $27,400, BTC posted a gain of 1.7% over 24 days hours like of press time, with trading amount rising by 12%.

Bitcoin’s volatility levels are rather low right now as the Bollinger Bands are converging show Less volatility. relative strength index also moves above its median line, indicating A possible The upside. MACD indicator is also moving in positivity region.

whale transformation bitcoin strategy

in a recent evaluation of bitcoin accumulation trend score By Cohort, ahem changes has been observed, indicating that a shift has occurred in the behavior of Different groups of cryptocurrency participants market.

Notably, the largest holders of bitcoinknown as whales (with holdings exceeding 10,000 BTC), moved from a phase of Heavy accumulation to a more A balanced state characterized by equal internal and external flow of symbols.

While whales show A more careful approach to them bitcoin Collectibles, the situation is completely different for other major holders in the market.

The analysis reveals that these groups are actively distributing their coins, which points to a broader trend of Selling instead of accumulating. This transmission between whales has implications for Overall market Feelings and potential price dynamics.

The shift from heavy accumulation to balanced flows indicates a more Cautious approach by Akbar bitcoin pregnant. It may indicate that these whales have reached a level of satisfy with their current holdings.

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