Bitmain Launches Campus Recruitment Program to Discover New Talent in Cryptocurrency Chip Manufacturing

Bitmain Launches Campus Recruitment Program for New Talent

Bitmain, a cryptocurrency chip manufacturer, has begun a campus recruitment process program to discover new talent.

in update on On September 4th, Bitmain indicated its specific interest in Recruitment of talented PhD candidates in thermal power, machinery, electrical engineering, materials scienceand related fields as part of This initiative.

Bitmain is looking for 24 graduates, both from home and abroad, with Master’s degree at least. In exchange, they offer free accommodation in a dormitory room for Three years or a reduced rent. This recruitment drive It is not limited to China. He. She also Covers Singapore, Malaysia and the United States.

this update Bitmain follows announcement on Jun 21st it, along with Crypto platform Anchorage Digital will do just that acquire justice in Basic scientific, then second- The largest publicly listed bitcoin miner.

Scientific basis has been provided for bankruptcy due declining Revenue and Bitcoin price drop. However, it is worth Indicating that the situation of This plan is still pending, and there never was new Updates to report on behalf of of now.

And at the same time the company also Co-hosted of World Digital Mining Summit 2023 (WDMS 2023) in Hong Kong, September 22-23, 2023 with the topic of Mining for the next bull market”.

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