Cardano Community on Alert: Potential Liquidation of ADA by Robinhood and Celsius

The Potential Large Liquidation of ADA by Robinhood and Celsius


Modern talk in Cardano community It is about potential large liquidation of ADA by Robinhood and Celsius.

In the Cardano ecosystem, wave of Anxiety spreads over Possibility of Extensive filtering of ADA token By Robinhood and Celsius. the reasons behind the decisions of These two platforms differ, but the stealth of big sale-off he have triggered Some alarm bells inside community.

Diverse Opinions in the Cardano Community

Opinions Inside Cardano community remarkably diverse. some are of the view Such a large-scale disposal would not be unique incident for ADA, downplaying negative guesses as manifestations of Fear, uncertainty and doubt.

They argue that the holdings are cumulative of Robinhood and Celsius make up a small size of the total ADA trading Size, owners have been provided with Great opportunity to migrate their ADA holdings to alternate wallets.

Supporters of this view Emphasize that market he have already caught imminent eventand that the prevailing pessimism surrounding it had a greater impact than actual sales.

Concerns in the Community

However, there are some in the community who They find themselves at odds with This situation.

They highlight that Robinhood has announced Deadline of June 27 post which will dump all remaining ADA on the go market rate. Crypto jump, mission with Robinhood Crypto Management assetswill be obliged to divest themselves immediately of remaining ADA holdings.

Celsius, on On the other hand, greater flexibility is expected phase out Its holdings are ADA over long time. basic question which remains Do path that will take Jump in this scenario, with options extend from off-market sale to transfer assets for central exchanges.

The Evolving Situation

Cardano community Watching closely on The evolving situation, such as the possibility of Big ADA dump by Robinhood and Celsius remains a real Possibility.

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