Cardano Founder Nominated for Bachelor Vote, Braces for Potential SEC Scrutiny

Charles Hoskinson, inventor of Blockchain Cardano, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with A paper circulated among the members of the Democratic Committee revealing their position on Cryptocurrency legislation.

hoskinson, who he have made Significant contributions to the blockchain businesscondemned the message and urged voters to make a blockchain technology their exclusive focus in The next election.

Over the weekend, Hoskinson tweeted that cryptocurrency regulation is in the spotlight of Elections are the only ones way to stop the madness in government. Call for Cryptography enthusiasts vote for that politicians support Pro-cryptocurrency policies.

Hoskinson: Democrats want to gather down encryption

Hoskinson rallies support Because he thinks government will crack down on The cryptocurrency sector, as suggested by the Democrats’ speech. The letter, which was received by Fox News correspondent Eleanor Territt, outlined the position of the Democrats on Encryption legislation has included manykey Messages” for Committee members.

According to the letter, the members of the Democratic Committee were advised support Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Claim of exclusive liability over cipher regulation. Indicating that non-compliance is more of a problem in The field of cryptography rather than uncertainty, it has concluded that most cryptocurrencies should They are classified as securities.

the document also He criticized Republican lawmakers on The Commission who Call for Less funding for banking regulators. This means that these Republicans really didn’t care in Preserving the interests of investors and they should instead Be focused on clean pass debt Limiting the deal rather than supporting pro-cryptocurrency legislation.

More than 900,000 people reaction to the contents of the note, which sparked widespread interest in encryption world. Concerns have been voiced by executives and industry professionals who Approves with Hoskinson’s perspective on the expected course of regulation.

Hoskinson call for Americans become one-issue voters on Cryptocurrencies come up in the discussion over Encoder regulation is heating up up. Citizens can influence the course of the business And ensure their survival by making them a top priority and voting for Policy who support Pro-cryptocurrency policies.

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