CD Projekt RED Shifts Focus to Next Witcher Title: Updates on the Release and Development of Project Polaris

CD Projekt RED Shifts Focus to Next Witcher Title

CD Projekt RED has begun moving most of its resources and developers to working on the next mainline Witcher title, now that it’s getting ready to put Cyberpunk (for now, at least) behind it.

The Phantom Liberty expansion is set to release on September 26, 2023, and once it’s released and the team work out any major bugs that appear, it’ll be full steam ahead on codename Project Polaris, the first new mainline Witcher title in close to a decade.

CD Projekt:

Marketing push well underway for CP 2077 Phantom Liberty.

Dev teams shifting toward Polaris, the next Witcher game.

Headcount at 1,297. Up from 1,292.

1st half 2023 sales declined 14%.

Operating profit down 28%.

I’m expecting a solid bounce-back in the back half.

— Dom (@DomsPlaying) August 30, 2023

Of course it still doesn’t mean that we’ll have any idea as to when we’ll see any news about the new title or anything regarding a release date, but it is exciting for current Witcher fans to know that it’s the next thing on the docket.

Granted there have been other Witcher projects to keep fans at least partly satisfied, but nothing that has put controller in hand for years, beyond replaying The Witcher 3 again.

Source – CD Projekt RED via DomsPlaying

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